Rainbow Royale

19: The Joker

Standing over the corpses of two potential kidnappers (and at least one frozen passer-by) the group briefly wrangles over the ethics of spending Archer’s money on personal equipment. Briefly. Barrosh gives Doc two of the astral diamonds and he sprints off to the magic shop, while Fairweather and Barrosh find a new tavern, and Gloria disappears to fuck-knows with Adelaide.

At the magic shop Doc quickly talks the man into the boomerang-y enchantment for the low, low price of two extradimensional gemstones. The wizard says come back tomorrow, so Doc heads for the docks and wanders into the first likely-looking tavern.

Barrosh and Fairweather find a hidden casino in the docks district. They’re greeted by a Warforged bouncer, Gaston, who takes their copious weaponry and gives them a gorgeously hand-written receipt. A bartender tries to sell them a 1200gp bottle of brandy, but they settle for 300gp whisky and a few games of blackjack. Barrosh goes up 100gp and Fairweather cheats a colourblind dealer out of 2000gp. Doc shows up, orders another bottle of whisky, and talks the group into getting in the boxing ring.

Fairweather puts down 1000gp at 5:1 on the boys against a fire giant and a halfling tumbler. The fight gets weird immediately, with the giant whiffing most attacks, the halfling running into people, and Fairweather putting illusionary whispers into people’s heads. Barrosh whips out his dragon breath and gets smacked upside the head by the referee. Fairweather reaches into the ring to grab the halfling’s foot and the referee smacks him. Then he tries to convince the halfling that his Asian dad is trying to Moonsault him off the ropes, but nobody really cares, and the referee smacks Fairweather again. Shit descends into madness and people start fleeing as the giant throws Doc out of the ring against a wall and knocks him out. Doc summons Battlecat as the referee chases Fairweather into the crowd. The giant starts flailing about, knocks out Battlecat and then Barrosh. Fairweather trips up the halfling as he tries a sweet tumbling movement and gets curb-stomped on the ground, losing some teeth. Barrosh gets KO’d multiple times until the giant, worn down by all the punching, finally knocks himself out on the ropes with a mistimed punch.

Meanwhile, the referee has run away and summoned three thugs with muskets from the back room. Barrosh and Doc peace the fuck out while Fairweather, having magically disguised himself, tries to sneak behind the bar to get weapons back from Gaston, with the intention of coming back for his forfeited 1000g bet.



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