Rainbow Royale

37: War Pigs

group heads in towards the inner dome

Tarim fires up True Seeing

Outside the dome: seven coloured spires, jaggedly arching up and over the inner dome
inner dome 120’ diameter
between inner dome and keep wall, ranks and ranks of lantern soldiers, standing in formation next to their matching spires, unmoving
spires have no entrance/exit, just a big iconic keyhole near the base
inside the dome: seven coloured golems, inner ritual circle with BBEG in the very center

Doc drops in at the base of the inner wall, near the blue tower – shatters a small entrance through the outer wall – rest of team arrives nearby

Fairweather remembers the rainbow key from long long ago – Tarim and FW head off into town

Barrosh and Doc (and Alric etc) hold against the wall for ~15 minutes – Doc gets overwhelmed at first but Barrosh fights to him, and Doc teleport-rams his way back up, while the wizards throw fireballs and force walls
Doc lands in a pile of the terracotta soldiers, splatting a bunch of them
Silvereyes mentally warns “best be careful, I think you’ve pissed him off”

Fairweather brings Tarim back to the tavern where the key was, just ahead of a flying patrol
Tarim throws up detect psionics and they walk a grid
Tarim finds an alleyway that registers, the flyers all pile on Fairweather, who blasts every one of them to paste with thunder wave
Tarim’s true seeing immediately detects the pocket dimension in a building wall holding the rainbow key

Just as FW and Tarim meet up with the others, the great dome voips out of existence
BBEG steps out of his inner ring (braided silver and gold 30’) and says some snarky stuff then dismisses them
Doc hops on Sven, Tarim hits detect psionics – BBEG is the source of the construct hive-mind
FW and BBEG trade quips
BBEG walks back into the circle and snaps his fingers to raise a new, smaller dome
Doc airdrops from Sven, opens a hole in the dome with moonbeam, and gets trapped inside with the boss

FW teleports to the base of the small dome and slams the key into it – it hits as if hard glass, reacts with a light-show but no opening efffect
Tarim time-hops the closest golem while Barrosh covers the group moving towards Fairweather
BBEG blasts Doc with a prismatic spray, briefly blinding him – Doc summons Battlecat and blindly fires both cannons – both bullets turn to plasma as they hit the dome and blow outwards in bright colours
G and I golems approach but whiff, as the terracotta soldiers close in



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