Rainbow Royale


Group wakes up Orc Hungover, all the pegasi are too.

Group heads back to Stove and sends the orcs via war canoe. To open the way, the group asks for some bombs. Goblins gingerly bring them a half-dozen globes of green liquid.
Pegasi head for Stove. On the way they spot a pair of ships. One is the Clearwater Riptide, with the three pirate captains on board. Fairweather throws up an illusion to hide them as they bomb the ship. Doc hits the metal guy in the face with a bomb and Fairweather nails the cat lady, starting fires. Barrosh and Sven try to dive-bomb but clip a rope and crash directly into the fire. Doc joins the fight, slamming into the crowd of sailors advancing on the intruders and using BattleCat to hold them back. Slowly he mows them all down with great swipes and thunder smites. Barrosh takes heavy damage from metalman and cat lady. Metal man goes magnetic and draws in all the metal on the ship. When Fairweather blows Captain Craighlynn off the side of the boat and thunder waves the metal guy, something breaks and he starts heating up, and heating all the metal in a 30’ radius.

Tarim heads for the other boat screaming about how “they’ll all die unless you help.” A robed man comes out onto the deck and basically says “fuck it, somebody shoot that horse.” Tarim throws all of his mental might at the guy and totally demolishes his defenses, dominating him entirely (rolled a 41 total). It’s Kaizen, returned as a psi-lich and having recruited Horza and psychic revivified Craighlynn and Yalson. Tarim orders him to stop the fighting and make the other ship surrender. Kaizen orders the ship to turn hard and head for the Riptide. As the fight winds down, the other ship finally comes aside, the metal man overheats and falls on the deck, burning his way through to the hold, and Fairweather starts another deck fire. The crew and the party evacuates to Kaizen’s boat.

Tarim orders Kaizen to bring him all the valuables. He does… so Tarim tells him to put them back. But he does take Kaizen’s phylactery…



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