Rainbow Royale

36: Lost Complex

The party, their pegasi, and the various horks and hangers-on proceed in through the rainbow barrier. Just in front of Doc, a man-sized gate opens above the road ahead and disgorges Soyo the tiefling warlock, shoved through a portal by his Elder God and stumbling facefirst into a puddle. Doc struts up and tries to make friends with him. He literally casts friends on the whole party and starts leading them up the road. Tarim bitches at him about not being the one to mind control people, but they go. The party heads up into the air over the keep, leaving the orks to approach the gates.

Above the battlefield, the group can see the keep and its three curtain walls, guarded by thousands of constructs, including larger artillery throwers and the like. A group of two hundred or so foot soldiers is advancing away from the wall towards the orks. Likewise, a pod of blue harpy-like flyers is ascending towards the flying party. The mages start laying down fire with cloudkill and fire elementals, while Doc throws himself into the middle of the pod, using his ring of the ram to spin up into a Death Blossom. Sven catches him on the other side. Soyo picks off targets with eldritch blasts and Tarim throws energy bolts and ectoplasmic cocoons. Alric scores a direct hit with an alchemist’s fire cocktail as well. When the harpies close, Fairweather gets swarmed under before triggering a thunder wave to clear some space. As the party fights, Alric’s nameless pegasus takes a crit and goes down, with Mark and Fairweather trying to follow but tumbling into a spinning fall. Tarim throws a healing potion. It doesn’t do much. Mark and the other pegasus manage to pull up after the party members clear the harpies off their backs.

As the battle concludes, first Doc and then the others survey the battlefield. The orks and Clancy have moved to a position in rough ground against the cliff and are using the terrain to hold the attacking force off. On the walls, the red artillery throwers are in place and preparing to fire. Inside the innermost of the three walls – where a large rainbow dome shimmers inside a cloud of glittering sparks, partially obscuring the inside wall, while the great spire of light shoots up from the middle into the heavens – Tarim spots a circle of coloured spikes, or monoliths, or something, rising up from the base of the dome and converging at its highest point, the pillar of light.

Doc steps from Sven’s back, dropping towards the ork-construct battle. Fairweather yells at Sven who swoops down to pick up Doc again, with the aim of progressing as quickly as possible towards the big-bad-evil-guy. The party flies in towards the dome at the center of the keep…



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