Rainbow Royale

38: The End is the Beginning is the End

Seven coloured golems, fourteen thousand soldiers, and the big bad evil guy all try to converge on the party.

Alric and Nathan cross the streams with fire and water and start to make a steam cloud to obscure the party from the army. Barrosh wades in on the golems and starts eating damage. Fairweather pulls back the key and tumbles through the crowds to the keyhole on one of the spires. The key causes the spire to start turning rainbow and white from the base up over about 15 seconds. Fairweather starts running from tower to tower activating the keyholes. As the towers turn completely white, they lose cohesion, fall in sludgy messes to the ground, and their corresponding coloured soldiers (but not the golems) also splat and die.

Tarim and Kate fly up above one of the golems. Tarim engages her bracelet of friends, calling Doc out from the inner rainbow dome and sending him plummeting towards the golem, which he hits sword first. Steeleyes links everyone but Doc in a mental web that lets them communicate. (Doc’s Krodstian faith-power interferes with the web and leaves him out.)

Partway through, Tarim spots keyholes on the back of each golem’s skull. Telling the others through the network, Doc uses dimension door and misty step to warp, grab the key from Fairweather, warp back and slam it into the keyhole on the red golem which immediately goes still as the rainbow-white shockwave passes through it. Doc points to the violet tower as Fairweather warps in and grabs to key to keep moving, with Tarim throwing up walls to keep him safe. Tarim is meanwhile throwing health potions literally at the party members, healing them bit by bit, and at one point pouring four health potions down on Doc’s head.

The collapsing towers nearly take out Barrosh, but he recovers and uses the new wall of goo to corner and kill four of the seven golems. Fairweather completes his circuit of the spires. Doc tries to throw the red golem, but it starts walking towards the violet spire. Instead he rams a random key from his pocket into its head and prays to Krod. The power of Krod and Doc’s faith empowers the key and gives Doc a vision of the golem with command words written on it. Doc is now riding a golem, which he orders to KILL THE RAINBOW WIZARD.

Meanwhile, the central dome goes all disco-ball, firing off prismatic sprays and rainbow sunbeams. Doc stops a sunbeam with moonbeam but the dome deals huge damage to Steeleyes, Barrosh, and Doc. Just before the last tower falls, the BBEG drops a meteor swarm on the party. Doc is knocked into dying status. As the party reels, the two remaining golems slam Doc into the ground, bringing him to the edge of death. Tarim time hops him ahead. The red golem punches the central dome and splats immediately.

The tower falls. In a flash, all of the constructs, all of the colour is gone, and just the party members and BBEG are left. BBEG stands up and freezes everyone in place but himself. He takes an arrogant moment, walking up and considering each of the players in turn, stealing Fairweather’s electric sword and some wizard supplies, before waiting in the spot where Doc will reappear. When he finally does, the BBEG stands over him for a long minute as Doc bleeds out on the ground. Eventually he reaches down and cuts Doc’s throat.

He releases his hold on the party. Fairweather throws up Leomund’s tiny hut over Doc’s corpse. Tarim tries to run and heal him. Barrosh rages and storms the center. Staring at Tarim, the BBEG throws hold person at Barrosh and fails. Taken unaware, Barrosh gets three deep cuts into the man before he can pull out power word: stun. He also holds Fairweather. With Barrosh stunned he starts cutting at his throat, adding a rainbow veil cutting off Tarim from the group.

Fairweather’s tiny hut starts to glow, then shatters apart in a shockwave of silver light, erasing the rainbow veil and breaking the holds as it passes over them. (It also full-heals and restores the party.) Doc strides out from the broken hut, glowing faintly, headed directly for the BBEG at the center of the circle.



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