Rainbow Royale

39: Coda

Doc walks up to the boss, as the mage tries to hold him – but his new deathless type negates the spell. As the mage looks in horror Doc smashes him with the greatsword. Doc and Barrosh get a few hits in before the mage pulls out power word stun again and holds the group in place. Archer’s silhouette approaches from far off.

Archer circles once and flares in to land in the courtyard. He exchanges words with the boss. The boss reiterates that he promised great rewards to the last men standing, and as far as he’s concerned the party has earned their victory. He’ll pay them with their heart’s desire and everyone can walk away. The party takes a moment to confer (while still bound) and decides to jump the boss. As they try to surprise him, the boss pulls out time stop. Suddenly it’s fourteen allies versus just one hasted, blurred, mage armoured, mirror imaged, flying archmage.

Doc and Fairweather use their teleports to get in on him, smashing him back to the ground and grappling him. Doc’s sheer faith in Krod pulls the bad guy into his fist’s path. As the boss summons a pair of large elementals, Barrosh engages one and Tarim time hops the other. Alric and Nathan support the party with fire shield and healing while Steeleyes works on a short ritual-like spell.

The boss throws up a wall of ice that cuts him off from the party and damages Fairweather and Doc, then heads back up into the air. Archer does his best to fly up and divebomb but misses and nearly plows into the ground. Tarim throws telekinetic maneuvers at the constructs, knocking one down for Barrosh and Nathan to finish off. The party grinds down the BBEG for a few rounds before Doc, with Barrosh’s assist of a thrown ring of jumping, and Fairweather leap up towards the boss. Fairweather gets in some healing before Doc commands the boss to come with him. Doc then slams bodily into the boss, knocking him through a dimension door to the top of the keep’s main tower. Over Steeleyes’ telepathic link he orders the group to knock the tower down.

Barrosh and Steve fly up to the top of the tower, using his breath weapon to attack the boss, while Fairweather teleports behind and grapples on to him. Tarim uses his true seeing and a bit of ingenuity to guess at the resonant frequency of the tower’s stones before hitting it with a tuned sonic energy bolt, knocking out the tower’s support and leaving it sliding towards the ground. Nathan and Alric chip in on the tower damage. Steeleyes opens a gate, offering his diadem as payment to a beholder who brings his eye lasers to the fight.

The boss reaches out and disintegrates Doc, leaving him with 2 hit points, and speaks a power word heal to bring himself back up. On the next turn he teleports across the keep and throws reverse gravity on the falling tower. Most manage to get out with teleports of their own, but Barrosh and Steve try to fly out of the effect, leaving Steve spiralling into the air and Barrosh slamming into the middle of the courtyard’s circle.

The boss starts throwing prismatic spray and rainbow sunbeam around, then drops a magic item to summon a swarm of elementals. Tarim nails the group with hail of crystals and wipes the adds. Doc hitches a ride on the beholder, which flings him directly at the boss dealing massive damage. Archer and Barrosh crowd in as well, as Fairweather tries to get a beholder ride of his own. The boss drops sunburst knocking Fairweather unconscious and Tarim to the edge of function. Tarim pours healing potions into himself and Fairweather. The boss phase shifts out of the group, dropping another elemental swarm, before getting pincered by Doc and Archer. Another hail of crystals and the beholder’s rays knock out the elementals, and a blinded and enraged Archer takes the boss’ head off and nearly knocks out Doc as well.

As the boss falls, his body charges up with a brilliant light before exploding with a massive shockwave. In reaction, Steeleyes and the beholder plane shift away, Alric throws up his sanctuary, Tarim time hops Barrosh, and Fairweather puts Leomund’s tiny hut over himself and Tarim. The blast vaporizes Nathan, nearly murders Alric, and scars Archer permanently. It also hyper-charges Doc’s radiant aura. Fairweather and Tarim drop their spells and watch in horror as Doc glows brighter and brighter, finally ripping apart into constituent particles and rocketing skyward to the gloury of Krod. The walls have been knocked down, the magic circles obliterated, and the fight is over.

The group immediately thinks through the mindnet that Archer tried to betray them, and might do so again. Tarim calls on the power of the psicrown and dominates Archer, forcing him to kneel and be his mighty steed. As Doc’s blue ghost and Larry Merman look on from the ramparts, Clancy and the orks from Horks crash in, take a look around, and start cheering. Fairweather points at Archer and yells “GET HIM!” Barrosh charges, the orks charge, Fairweather charges, and after a few short seconds the dragon is swarmed under by orks and Barrosh drives a greataxe into the base of his skull.

Fairweather and Tarim retire to live with the thane and his Lady Kailea. Fairweather becomes the thane’s private bard and spymaster. Tarim and Kailea are study partners, learning magic and psionics, possibly sneaking off together from time to time. Fairweather and Tarim end up accidentally common-law gay-married through an unfortunate loophole. Barrosh goes to live in Horks for a few years before settling down as a near-permanent fixtures at Mr. Bulldops’ whorehouse The Fourth Mast.



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